7 Aerial Yoga Poses To Do At Home To Help Weight Loss

daytime studio sunshine aerial yoga weight loss vampire pose

Across the world, there are literally millions of us who try out thousands, or even tens of thousands of methods or techniques to help with weight loss. These range from diets, to fasting, to belly belts, to exercise. One of the most effective AND most fun, however, is aerial yoga.

Is Aerial Yoga Good For Weight Loss?

The simple answer is yes. The more complicated one is that  it depends on what you do, how often, and your overall lifestyle and diet. The American Council on Exercise (ACE) undertook a study that showed women who did three 50-minute aerial yoga classes a week for six weeks experienced weight loss, losing an average of two and a half pounds, 2 percent body fat, and about one inch from their waist. 

We can see from the study that it was three sessions of 50 minutes per week across 6 weeks. What we don’t know is the fitness situation of these women, the diet, and any other forms of exercise that they undertook. The question is not whether it will provide guaranteed weight loss, or if it’s the best for weight loss, just simply if it’s good for weight loss. And in my estimation, it is great. It’s a fun workout that always leaves me in a better mood mentally as well as physically.

There are also other benefits of aerial yoga, learn about aerial for beginners and  it’s 10 benefits.

Can You Do Aerial Yoga at Home?

https://thewarrior2.com/aerial-yoga-beginner-poses-home.htmlAt first glance it seems maybe not. But look a little deeper, and you will see that many of us actually can! A good quality yoga swing will come in for under $100, and all you need is a spot in your backyard, or garage, to hang it from. Just make sure that it is a sturdy spot, as remember, it will also carry your entire body weight. 

There are youtube videos and instruction articles to help with some of the poses, but I would recommend starting with a class with a professional instructor and then adding to that at home for yourself. If you can, have a friend or family member be a spotter for you as well. 

For many of us, it is true that doing it at home specifically might be quite hard. We might live in a small apartment with no balcony or obvious hanging spot, or we might just have too much clutter. Most yoga swings you can buy can be packed away into neat little bags (like tents or sleeping bags) and transported around, so if you live near a park try to find a sturdy tree, or some monkey bars or something you can use.

Aerial Yoga Poses for Weight Loss

So, if you’ve been convinced to take up aerial yoga, and want to know what moves to pull first to start getting maximum benefits. Let’s take a look.

1. Crescent Lunge and Anti- Gravity Warrior Pose

woman doing aerialyoga crescent lunge pose
Image source: yogaauthority

A classic in ground based yoga, Warrior pose takes a lot of balance and coordination. When you take away a ground base, this is magnified. Looking straight ahead, hold your arms steady and tense your core muscles for best results. Use the straps to shift the pressure of your body weight and using a spotter for your balance at first is a heavy recommendation.

2. Inverted Pigeon Pose

woman in yoga clothes doing inverted pigeon pose
Image source: yogaauthority

The biggest staple of tough, core working out moves in aerial yoga are inverted poses. Inverted pigeon pose allows for a deep stretch of your hips and also helps realign your spine, which is ideal for those of us who spend much of the day sitting behind a computer screen…for added effect, try the inverted pigeon pose with your hands in the prayer position behind your back. This gives your chest and shoulders a deep and satisfying stretch.

3. Aerial Splits Pose

woman doing aerial yoga splits pose
Image source: jadorevanessa

It’s virtually guaranteed that you won’t be able to maintain this pose for very long the first few times. It doesn’t matter if you can’t do the full splits, use the yoga swing or silks to slowly guide you. Use your hands to control your drop and stretch as far as you feel comfortable. If you’re warm, you can push yourself a little further. Aerial Yoga Swings, Hammocks and Silks are excellent for improving your flexibility, so if you’re working towards doing the splits on the floor, then this is also an excellent way to start.

4. Superman Pose/ One-Legged Superman Pose

woman doing aerial yoga daytime superman pose
Image source: thewarrior2

To be honest, this one does exactly what it says on the box. Superman pose is essentially lying stomach towards the floor, legs outstretched behind and arms outstretched ahead. It works your core much like planking would. 

If you want to work on your legs (hamstrings and calves), then try standing on one leg on the swing, perpendicular to the ground, the other leg pointed straight behind you, turning into One-Legged Superman pose

5. Mosquito Pose

woman yoga class aerial mosquito pose
Image source: thewarrior2

Mosquito pose makes you look like an L shape, whilst being inverted. Essentially, it’s like sitting down with your legs totally perpendicular to your upright body, except your upside down and hanging in the air!

6. Vampire Pose

daytime studio sunshine aerial yoga weight loss vampire pose
Image source: thewarrior2

From Mosquito pose, you will then straighten your body with a slight curve in the back to move into Vampire pose. Not to be confused with superman pose, this stretches out the core, but also if done right, your upper body and back as well.

7. Arrow Pose

yoga class daytime aerial yoga arrow pose
Image source: thewarrior2

Basically, make your body a dead straight, vertical line, with your head at the bottom and your toes at the top. In practice, this is not easy at all. It is however, an excellent workout, both in getting into the position, and also maintaining it. 

Ultimately, aerial yoga is an excellent workout to help with weight loss. You can’t do it by itself, but if used in combination with others it will drastically improve your overall fitness, tone, and body fat percentage. 

It’s a full body workout, and the only proven exercises that lose weight for everyone are workouts that use your full body, due to the fact that we don’t get to choose where we lose the weight. If you’re looking to drop a few pounds relatively quickly, aerial yoga 3 times a week for an hour will do the trick.

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