Yin Yoga vs Hatha Yoga, Differences & Similarities

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Yin Yoga vs. Hatha Yoga, they are the two well-known styles of yoga practiced by thousands of people worldwide. In this article, I will walk you through how Hatha Yoga and Yin Yoga are correlated and what make them unique, the differences and similarities between the two yoga styles.

What Is Yin Yoga?

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This Yoga style is an additional yoga practice to detox your mind and body. Living in today’s modern era with hectic work schedules and irregular eating habits, one can feel relieved with a smooth, slow-pace yoga practice. Yin Yoga is all about slowing down your system; slow and gentle movements are the main components of this yoga practice.

The duration of Yin Yoga poses is usually longer than any other style of yoga. This Slow-paced yoga embraces the principles of Chinese medicine. Yin Yoga postures are keenly developed by being mindful of traditional Chinese medicines.

All the Yin Yoga poses are supposed to be held longer to gain proper mindfulness. Yin Yoga has great potential evoke your inner self. It allows you to focus more on your breath and self-awareness.

What Is Hatha Yoga?

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Hatha Yoga Class. Image Credit: Very Wellfit

The Hatha word here is considered force. Hatha Yoga postures regulate forces in our system, and such yoga postures are traced in Hindu scripts since the 1st Century CE.

The meaning of the word Hatha itself determines the nature of this Yoga. Any Hatha Yoga pose is done with force. Therefore, Hatha Yoga is known as the yoga of power.

With the regular exercise of Hatha Yoga, one can balance the solar and lunar channels of the body. Hatha Yoga focuses on improving core strength and physical fitness.

Generally, Hatha Yoga is the practice of performing postures in sync with breathing patterns. 12 Asana of Sun-Salutation is the simplest yet the most powerful part of Hatha Yoga.


A balanced diet is always a prime priority for getting desired results from Hatha Yoga. This style of yoga is the most practiced yoga across the globe.

3 Key Differences Between Yin Yoga and Hatha Yoga

People often mistake yoga with exercise for fitness, but doing yoga when knowing its nature and principles is important.

Both yoga styles are profoundly great in their way. Although, let’s explore what make them different and special. Learning the differences will make you choose which yoga form is the best suitable for your system.


The prime nature of Hatha Yoga is to practice numerous poses one after the other in a series. While in Yin Yoga, you hold on to the same position or pose for a long time.


Hatha Yoga allows constant stretching. Yin Yoga allows you to gain emotional strength. Here, the pace is the biggest difference between the two yoga forms.

Hatha Yoga poses involve fast movements, while Yin Yoga poses are far slower than those of Hatha Yoga. Yoga is an actual game of patience. Once you master Yin Yoga, you will also enjoy meditation as a side effect.

Basic Roots

Yin Yoga is based on traditional Chinese roots. All poses of Yin Yoga are traced as Chinese medicines in ancient history. On the other hand, Hatha Yoga has Indian roots. The formation of Hatha Yoga is based on the Sanskrit word ‘Hatha’ meaning Force.

So, the two yoga forms have different roots and different natures but have gained the same popularity.

In simple words, Yin Yoga makes you stronger with mental stability, while Hatha Yoga improves your body’s physical strength. Both are equally important for healthy living.

Similarities Between Yin Yoga and Hatha Yoga

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Now that you have learned the differences between Yin Yoga and Hatha Yoga, you might have a question about the similarities between the two yoga forms.

I’ll explain in detail below.

Mindful Yoga

If you dig into the concept of Yin Yoga and Hatha Yoga, both yoga will end up with an idea of mindful yoga.

The main priority of both yoga styles is attaining peace of mind. The journey of finding ourselves in today’s fast lifestyles is more challenging than any other task. Yin Yoga and Hatha Yoga can ease your life with their impacts.

Both yoga styles strongly promote well-being. Post yoga impacts of both yoga styles are fairly similar.

Here are a number of benefits that Yin Yoga and Hatha Yoga both share:

  • Helps to get sound sleep.
  • Improves blood circulation.
  • Reduces stress and anxiety.
  • Reduces frequent burnouts.
  • Improves breathing.
  • Cures depression.
  • Improves self-awareness.

Is Yin Yoga A Form Of Hatha Yoga?

No, Yin Yoga is not the form of Hatha Yoga. It is a different yoga form that evolved from traditional Chinese history. You can find similar nature in a few Hatha Yoga branches, but the roots and culture of these yoga forms differ from each other.

Hatha Yoga is a wide range of yoga that includes Pranayama (breathing techniques) with Asana (postures).

Yin Yoga postures generally involve slow movements of the lower body, whilst Hatha Yoga postures include stretching of the entire body. 

Yin Yoga only concentrates on yoga postures. Whereas Hatha Yoga concentrates on yoga poses, mantras, breathing, etc.

Hatha Yoga is the basic concept, a blueprint for most modern yoga styles. Whilst Yin Yoga focuses on different concepts of slow movements supporting meditation. It allows beginners to explore subtle concepts of yoga practice.


The majority of Hatha Yoga poses include standing or sitting positions, while Yin Yoga poses usually include lying or sitting positions.

Which One Is The Best For Beginners, Yin Or Hatha?

I believe that Hatha Yoga is a better option for beginners to start their yoga journey. As it involves fast movements, you will not get bored, instead enjoy the process. Yoga can become a fun-loving activity for you if started with proper guidance.

On the other hand, Yin Yoga is a yoga form that requires more patience. You have to hold the pose for a long time. Therefore, at the early stage of practicing Yin Yoga, you might get bored. However, once you master this yoga style, you’ll learn to keep your mind steady and calm. You can moderate stress and anxiety very efficiently. Furthermore, regular Yin Yoga would profoundly help you to reduce psychological risks.

Today, most of us are looking for a minimal lifestyle. You can surely include Yin Yoga in your checklist if you wish for yoga with minimal movements.

Meanwhile, some of you might feel energized with fast movements then Hatha Yoga would suit you better.

Thus, make a wise choice based on your body and mind.

Yoga popularity is skyrocketing worldwide. The number of people doing yoga daily is growing at a fast pace. The below graph depicts the whopping number of yoga beginners in the world.

pie graph number yoga levels worldwide
Levels of Yoga Doers Worldwide. Image Credit: Washington State University

Which Yoga Is To Do Every Day, Yin Yoga or Hatha Yoga?

In my opinion, you can do the yoga of your choice and comfort on a daily basis. 

There is no harm in doing yoga every day, regardless of the style. It will be beneficial to your body and mind if you can spare some time daily for yoga.

Setting up a regular Yin Yoga schedule is a bit challenging, but you can get habitual within a few weeks.

Although, you can consider Yin Yoga as the best option for improving psychological stability. You should try any Yin Yoga pose, at least 15 minutes every day for better results. Gradually, you can improve the flexibility of your body and learn to connect with stillness. It can be challenging to do Yin Yoga in the beginning.

Our mind is considered to be the most unstable part of our system. Yin Yoga deeply helps you find connections with your conscience and makes you feel calm.

If you choose Hatha Yoga to practice every day, you should maintain a balanced diet for strengthening and twisting muscles. Also, you should be consistent to gain desired results.

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Bottom line

Now that you understand better about Yin Yoga and Hatha Yoga, you can decide which style will match your system and start practicing it regularly.

You can do Yin Yoga for slowing your time after a  hectic long working day and finding some time for inner peace. Alternatively, you can practice Hatha Yoga for toning your body.

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