Yoga For Beginners: Most Asked Questions Answered

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Introduction to the Podcast

Welcome to the first episode of the “Podcast Warrior 2 Yoga for Wellness.” Today, we’re excited to have Svetlana, an experienced yoga teacher with over ten years of experience in the philosophy of yoga and breathing exercises. This podcast is sponsored by Warrior 2, a brand dedicated to enhancing your yoga journey with high-quality, durable yoga bags.

In this talk, Svetlana gave advice on some the most popular topics in the yoga beginner community, specifically:

  • What are the benefits of yoga?
  • What yoga style should a beginner start with?
  • How do I start yoga for the first time?
  • What was her own experience when she first practiced yoga? What yoga style she did? What was her biggest challenge? And how did she overcome it?
  • How often should I practice yoga?

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Get To Know Our Guest: Svetlana

Svetlana in India

Svetlana shares her background and current activities. Originally from a Slavic region and now staying in an Indian Yoga Ashram, Svetlana brings a rich blend of personal history and professional expertise to our discussion. She explains the significance of her name and her approach to teaching yoga, especially to those with health and mental conditions.

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What are the benefits of yoga?

Yoga offers numerous benefits, deeply touching every stage of life. Svetlana emphasizes that yoga is more than physical exercise; it’s a holistic approach to understanding oneself and improving mental health. The practice helps in managing one’s mind, which can be both a friend and a foe, and uses the physical body as an instrument to achieve greater self-awareness and health.

Svetlana's journey to Yoga

Svetlana recounts how she was introduced to yoga at a young age by her mother, which profoundly influenced her path. Despite the societal norms of the ’90s, her mother’s engagement with yoga laid the foundation for Svetlana’s deep connection to the practice.

What yoga style should a beginner start with?

For beginners, Svetlana recommends starting with basic yoga under the guidance of a qualified teacher. She highlights the importance of understanding one’s physical and mental state before diving into practice and suggests Hatha Yoga as a suitable starting point because of its foundational place in the yoga tradition.

The role of Breathing in Yoga

Breathing is integral to yoga; it connects the mind and body and is essential for practicing yoga correctly. Svetlana discusses ‘prana’ or life force, which is central to yoga and underscores the interconnectedness of our habits, including diet and sleep, in the broader scope of yogic living.

How does someone start yoga for the first time?

For beginners, the ideal way to start yoga is by attending an offline class to interact directly with a teacher. Svetlana emphasizes the importance of being present and aware of one’s body sensations during these initial sessions. She advises exploring different yoga styles and understanding the connection between the body and mind through practices like pranayama (breath work) and meditation.

Svetlana's early yoga experiences

Reflecting on her own first experiences with yoga, Svetlana shares that as a child, yoga was more about fun and play. However, as she matured, yoga became a conscious practice. She stresses the importance of warming up to prevent injuries and to prepare the body for practice, highlighting how yoga helps in managing life’s stresses and improves overall well-being.

Challenges in Yoga practice

Svetlana discusses the challenges she faced when starting yoga, including understanding and using yoga as a tool for self-support during difficult times. She talks about the transformative power of yoga in dealing with emotional and physical struggles, and its role in fostering a happier and more conscious life.

How often should I practice Yoga?

On how often one should practice yoga, Svetlana advises that it depends on individual goals and body responses. Beginners might start with 1-3 sessions per week, focusing not just on physical practice but also on meditation and relaxation. For those aiming to make more significant changes or improvements, more frequent and intensive sessions might be necessary.

Wrap Up

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Svetlana Instagram

As the interview concludes, Svetlana provides her contact information for those interested in learning more or taking her classes, which are available both online and offline. She is currently based in Bali but also teaches and studies at a yoga ashram in India. Svetlana encourages reaching out via Instagram for the quickest response, offering a direct link to her teaching and insights.

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