Morning in Bed Yoga Sequence in 10 Minutes

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If there’s a time of day that yoga is certainly better for you, it has to be in the morning to start your day! Here are the benefits of doing yoga in the morning and a 10-minute in-bed morning yoga sequence for an energized and productive day. Benefits of Doing Morning Yoga In Bed Clear your mind, […]


15 Bedtime Yoga Poses to do in bed for Better Sleep

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Sleep is massively important and something we all need lots of. The average person spends about 26 years sleeping in their life, according to Huffingtonpost, which equates to 9,490 days or 227,760 hours. Yet, so many of us struggle to get enough. We spend thousands to get sleep treatments, when we could do some bedtime yoga […]


How Restorative Aerial Yoga Will Help Reduce Anxiety

Arched Back and Twist

Anxiety is a very real issue in the world. We all suffer from anxiety in some form or another. In the US alone, it is estimated that nearly 40 million people suffer from anxiety related disorders every year. I’ve suffered from anxiety for a number of years and I have finally found something that helps better than […]


Why Is Aerial Yoga Good For Weight Loss? | 5 Aerial Yoga Poses

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Across the world, there are literally millions of us who try out thousands, or even tens of thousands of methods or techniques to help with weight loss. These range from diets, to fasting, to belly belts, to exercise. One of the most effective AND most fun, however, is aerial yoga. Is Aerial Yoga Good For […]


23 Things You Should Know About Aerial Yoga

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What is aerial yoga? Aerial yoga, or antigravity yoga, is a hybrid yoga type, which first came to prominence from 2011 onwards. It’s designed to combine aspects of traditional yoga poses, pilates and sometimes dances within an adapted hammock. Utilising a completely different muscle set to regular yoga, even for the same pose, and the […]


How to Fix Sleep Apnea Naturally Through Yoga

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How Can I Fix Sleep Apnea Naturally? There are a number of sleep apnea treatments that are natural to consider before looking at more drastic methods.  Lose Weight/ Maintain a healthy weight. Each unit increase in BMI leads to a 14% increased risk of developing sleep apnea, and just a 10% weight gain increases the […]


Best Gift Ideas for Yoga Teachers, Instructors | Unique Gift Basket Ideas For Her, Mom, Him

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Buying gifts for your yoga teacher, your loved ones and friends can sometimes be a real head scratcher at the best of times. Have no fear though! As if you’re buying gift for a yoga lover, yoga teacher you have a stack of options at your fingertips! To help guide you in the right direction, […]


30 Yoga Gift Ideas for Yoga Lovers, Yogis, Yoga Enthusiasts


There’s a lot of great gifts for people who love yoga. The trouble is, you might not always know where to start. So if you’re looking for gift ideas for people who love yoga, here’s my list of the 30 best gifts for yogis.  1. Yoga Mat What would Captain America be without his shield? […]