Best Gift Ideas for Yoga Teachers, Instructors | Unique Gift Basket Ideas For Her, Mom, Him

yoga gift basket yogi surprise

Buying gifts for your yoga teacher, your loved ones and friends can sometimes be a real head scratcher at the best of times. Have no fear though! As if you’re buying gift for a yoga lover, yoga teacher you have a stack of options at your fingertips! To help guide you in the right direction, I’ve put together some ideas here.

1. Yoga Mat Bag Gift Idea for Yoga Teachers

A bag that can help carry a yoga mat, plus other things like keys, phone and wallet is great for anyone, especially a yoga student. Warrior2 yoga mat carrying bag, multi-pocket with practical design, is a worth considering option for you. You can get 50% cash back when purchasing this item on RebateKey. Check it out here.

2. G3 Pro Theragun Gift Idea for Yoga Teachers

G3Pro Theragun

Great for anyone who works out a lot, or plays sport, or teaches yoga. These are fantastic at getting out knots and tight muscles and are really easy to self-use. I got one and I swear by it. There are times when your body does tighten up and this works like a dream. 

3. Yoga Knee Pads Gift Idea for Yoga Teachers

Yoga Knee Pads

What do all yoga teachers spend much of their day doing? Yoga. Yoga is great for you, but as with anything, start doing it all day and some joint aches and pains may occasionally creep in. So what can you do? These gel pads really help ease the pressure on your knees! They don’t have to be used everytime, but they will do wonders when you do use them. 

4. Black Obsidian Water Bottle Gift Idea for Yoga Teachers

Black Obsidian Bottle

This is ultimately a water infuser – using black obsidian which is known for its calming, confidence building and focus boosting properties. Whether or not it truly works might be up for debate, but I have used one and it seems to work for me. Plus, it’s a great bottle and a real conversation starter too. 

5. Oil Reed Diffuser Gift Idea for Yoga Teachers

Incense Reed Diffuser

These come in plenty of varieties, so I tend to go for the pure or natural brands, that generally last for up to 3 months, and think about the tastes of the recipient. There are some good staples like incense, or lavender, mint or ocean breeze. Essentially these will help create a relaxed and calm atmosphere in order to practice yoga, meditation.

Yoga Gift Basket Ideas

1. The “All Rounder” Basket Idea

Sending a gift basket is often a great idea – sometimes one thing just isn’t enough, and other times it just makes sense as each gift could be closely related to the others. Here’s 5 gift baskets for you: 

yoga basket yogi suprise

– S’Well style water bottle

–  Yoga Pose Stone Coasters

– Incense Reed Diffusers

– Organic Chai Tea Leaves

– Natural Yoga Mat Cleaning Spray

This basket is what I call the cover many bases basket. 5 items within, which no individual item should be above $20 or so. The cleaning spray will be massively important to a yogi who uses their mat sometimes in very sweaty conditions! Chai Tea is a great way to end a morning yoga workout and the reed diffusers really help to achieve zen within your home.

2. The “Home Comforts” Yoga Basket Idea

Yoga Basket for her

– Chamomile and Lavender Tea Leaves

– Mexican Blanket

– Red Wine

– Yoga Socks

– Scented Candle

Similarly to my first yoga gift basket idea, you can fill multiple areas in one go here, without any individual item needing to be too much on the price side. Chamomile and lavender tea goes well after an evening yoga session, the socks and blanket go a great way to keeping warm and stylish, the candle much like the diffuser helps to create that zen space and red wine works for almost anyone, anytime! 

3. The “Beginner’s” Yoga Basket Idea

yoga gift basket yogi surprise

– Yoga pose book 

– Green smoothie Recipe book

– Vegan Cooking Recipe Book

– Meditation Guide Book 

– Cork Yoga Block

This is what I call the “I’ve just started yoga” gift basket. Often, people who search for the benefits of yoga are often looking to make wholesale life choice changes and this reaches to what they consume and being mindful with meditation too. Most beginners will not be offended if you give them helpful guide books!  

4. The “Semi-Pro” Yoga Basket Idea

Yoga Basket for her
Image is just for illustration purpose

– Yoga mat bag

– Yoga strap

– Yoga Knee pads

– Meditation Cushion

– Microfiber Hot Yoga Towel

This is a gift basket for those a bit more experienced yogis. Any experienced yogi will tell you that meditation cushions and knee pads are life savers! Most yogi’s will also be used to carrying their mats with small handles that still keep the mat exposed to the elements, so a proper carry bag with some storage space for keys etc also comes in incredibly handy! 

5. The “Indulgence” Yoga Basket Idea

yoga basket mum special ones

– Organic assorted chocolates

– Wine

– Pretzels

– Organic Salt Scrub

So this is the slightly more indulgent gift basket idea. Living a more mindful and wholesome lifestyle doesn’t mean that a yogi can’t treat themselves from time to time. Sometimes wine and chocolate really hits the mark!

Unique Yoga Gift Basket Ideas for Her

1. The “Aromatherapy” Yoga Basket Idea

yoga gift basket yogi surprise

– Scented Candle

– Reed Diffuser

– Organic Coffee Scrub

– Organic Mat Cleaner Spray

– Lavender and Chamomile Tea

2. The “Keep Warm” Yoga Basket Idea

yoga gift basket for mom

– Yoga pose DVD (or book)

– Warm Yoga Socks

– Yoga Mat Bag

– Mexican Blanket

– Vacuum Flask (great for keeping organic chai tea nice and warm!)

3. The “Intermediate” Yoga Basket Idea

yoga gift basket yogi surprise

– Bath Salts

– Meditation Cushion

– Yoga Eye Pillow

– Yoga Swing

– Cork Yoga Block

This basket is probably the most functional for yoga specific purposes – and will really open up options to your favourite female yogi. I love this as a gift basket for someone who has gone past the beginner stage already. 

4. The “Take a Load Off” Yoga Basket Idea

                                                                                                    Yoga Basket


– Bottle of Red Wine

– Organic Dark Chocolate

– Green Smoothie Recipe Book

– Massage Ball

– Black Obsidian Water Bottle

This one is a bit of an indulgent basket, as well as a bit practical. Remember, yogi’s don’t just do yoga. Sometimes a nice treat doesn’t go amiss! 

5. The “Expert” Yoga Basket Idea

                                                                                                      Yoga basket

– Yoga Wheel

– Yoga Mat

– Yoga Strap

– Headphones

– Grab and Go Pony (Hair ties)

There’s nothing better than opening up new poses and avenues for a yogi. Tying your hair back can work very well too! And finally, headphones can be good for yoga within the house (not to disturb others) or on the commute to and from the yoga studio. She’ll love this one!

Yoga Gift Basket Ideas for Mom

1. The “Mom You Deserve a Break” Yoga Basket Idea

yoga gift basket for her

– Red Wine

– Premium Chocolates

– Pretzels 

– Scented Candle

– Organic Coffee Scrub

Mom’s do a great job, and deserve some pampering. Remember, a gift basket for a yoga lover doesn’t have to be directed related to yoga – but your mom can use the scented candle in order to create a nice mood for being centered, mindful, and meditative. The rest is to feel indulgent. 

2. The “Help Mom Get Healthy” Yoga Basket Idea

A Unique Gift for Women -The Yoga Gift Basket

– Green Smoothie Recipe Book

– Vegan Meal Recipe Book

– Yoga Mat

– Thermal Water Bottle

Maybe Mom is still fairly new to yoga and taking in the whole lifestyle? If so, this gift basket would be perfect. The water bottle (make sure it is a vaccum flask to maintain the hot or cold temperatures), the yoga mat and especially the 2 recipe books to help your mom to be more mindful of nutrition and get excited about an all around healthier lifestyle!

3. The “Keep Mom From Aches and Pains” Yoga Basket Idea

yoga gift basket for mom

– Meditation Cushion

– Yoga Knee Pads

– Microfiber Hot Yoga Towel

– Lavender and Chamomile Tea

– Eucalyptus Epsom Bath Salts

– Yoga Pose Guide

If your Mom is anything like mine, she will love this basket I put together, with a really personalized yoga gifts feel. The bath salts and tea really speak for themselves, and the knee pads and cushions help joints not feel so much pressure from aches and pains etc. I gave this same basket to my mom last year and she found it to be the perfect gift basket!

Yoga Gift Ideas for Him

This section might be a little bit harder, as yoga tends to be more popular amongst women in the USA, however, there is also a sizable male yogi community, so here are some ideas on yoga gifts for men

1. Headphones Yoga Gift Idea

Wireless Headphones

A good pair of headphones are an important thing in life. Whether it be to drown out the sound of the baby crying next to you on the train, or to listen to that great podcast whilst going for a run, or listening to yoga instructions whilst practising in your living room. They tend to be an ideal gift especially for men as you can never have too many pairs of headphones. 

2. Massage Ball Yoga Gift Idea

Massage Ball

Men are great, but they tend to have a lower pain threshold. Anyone can get knots in their back, or tightness in their muscles, but we usually know about it when it’s a man! Massage balls are great for working out these tight spots and knots and they are a relatively cheap purchase too so can go well with other gifts if working on a budget. 

3. Cork Yoga Block Yoga Gift Idea

Cork Yoga Block

These are great tools for adding extra poses to a yoga workout for anyone, however, the male yogi in your life especially will love it. They tend to be relatively cheap and the cork has microbial properties making it sanitary as a material too.

4. Organic Chai Tea Yoga Gift Idea

Chai tea is good anytime, anywhere, anyhow. But it’s especially good after a morning yoga session, or on a cold winter’s day. My partner and I swear by it every sunday, instead of coffee. 

5. Green Smoothie Recipe Book Yoga Gift Idea

Green Smoothie Recipe Book

Maybe your man is looking to embrace all parts of the lifestyle, including being more mindful of what he puts in his body. If so, a great tool to have at his disposal would be a green smoothie recipe book. Maybe it’s to replace breakfasts and have a healthy, natural energy and protein smoothie, or maybe it’s to help get your 5 a day. Either way, this is an excellent gift. 

Yoga Christmas Gifts

1. Adorable Tree Hanger - Yoga Christmas Gift Idea

Quirky Gifts, Such as This Stocking Stuffer

A really cute and a bargain price, this gift will help to personalize their Christmas Tree.

2. Yoga Mat Bag - Yoga Christmas Gift Idea

warrior2 Yoga gym bag for women men

A bag that can help carry a yoga mat, plus other things like keys, phone and wallet is great for anyone, especially a yoga student. This bag is being on a special discount 50% discount, cash back when you purchase it on RebateKey, limited offer. Check it out here. 

3. Yoga Dice - Yoga Christmas Gift Idea

Yoga Dice

Great for adding variety to yoga workouts, or as a yogic version of the game Twister! Excellent stocking filler either way.

4. Great Baby Clothing - Yoga Christmas Gift Idea

yoga baby clothes special new cute

A great stocking filler for the little up and coming yogi in your life….

Gifts for Yoga Students

1. Saucha Yoga Mat Cleaner

Organic Yoga Mat Cleaner

What type of yoga gift do you give to the person who teaches yoga? Well, not everything needs to be strictly yoga related of course. In this case though, it is. Guaranteed to put a smile on anybody’s face, a nicely scented natural and organic yoga mat cleaner (in this case, lavender), will do the trick!

2. Anti Slip Yoga Socks

Yoga Socks with Grips​

Especially great in winter when you need a bit more warmth in your toes, but works equally well in summer too as the grips will help to keep you balanced, even with sweat dripping.

3. Yoga Bible Pose Guidebook

Yoga Bible Pose Guidebook

Sometimes when we’re learning, we need some guidance. An instruction guide to help the student yogi with poses and what each may be good for.

I hope you found this yoga gift article useful, and it also shows that just because you are buying for a yoga lover, doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to buy a yoga gift itself. Buying gifts for yoga lovers doesn’t need to be so hard after all!

And if this hasn’t satisfied you yet, check out this list of 30 yoga gift ideas. It sure will help you get out of the dilemma of choosing yoga gift. Enjoy! 🙂

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