About Us

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Who are we?

We are a young and customer-centric brand of yoga equipment and accessories.

Our top value is Customer Satisfaction. Anything that customers want from our products, our services, that’s what we work on.

We’re an authentic brand. We create our own value based on continuous innovation and creativity.

What make us different?

  • – We care. We listen. We improve.
  • – We do what we promise.
  • – We work on adding value to our customers every day.

Our long-term vision is to become one of the top authentic brands in the world for yoga equipment and accessories. And we believe that this can only be achieved by high customer satisfaction, authenticity, and top product quality.

Our products

Yoga Mat Bag

We provide Yoga Mat Bag, Yoga Mat Carrier, Yoga Backpack, Multi-functional Yoga-Gym Bag, Backpack, Yoga gifts, for women and men. View here.

Aerial Yoga Swing

Warrior2 specializes in Aerial Yoga Swing, Aerial Yoga Hammock, Aerial Yoga Starter Set, Aerial Yoga Trapeze, for women and men. Have a look here.